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moon phase art piece that showcases the phases of the moon with an intricate floral engraved pattern

Decor for all your phases.

At Maple Moon Co we are dedicated to creating high quality wood art for all of life's phases. Make a statement with one of a kind decor for your home, business or special event! 

Surround yourself with decor that makes you feel good!

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One of a Kind 


describes our availability to make custom artwork for your home
our availability to create custom artwork for your business including custom logo signs
our availability to create custom items for your events

Surround yourself with good vibes & good decor

Maple Moon Co. uses ethically sourced materials that are expertly designed to match your needs. Every piece reflects the passion and craftsmanship I've spent years developing and perfecting.

photograph of the owner of maple moon co, BrI

It's more than just woodworking - it's a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the beauty of life's many phases. Working with my hands to create beautiful and meaningful pieces is a true passion of mine. For over 10 years I did it behind the salon chair as a stylist and manager. It wasn't until taking interior design courses and buying our first home in 2018 I realized I wanted to give my clients more than good hair! I believe your home and business is an extension and a reflection of who you are and so with the creation of Maple Moon Co I set out to design the perfect decor for all your phases! 

Bri Harvey

scroll saw art and laser engraved decor
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